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Danielle  Allen

Danielle Allen

Client Services Specialist

If you give Poulter Investment Advisors a call, chances are, you’ll hear Danielle’s lovely voice on the other end of the line. This personalized service is one of the many reasons Danielle feels passionate about her work. Her love of people and her desire to help others makes this role the perfect fit for Danielle’s caring and enthusiastic nature.

Given her high-energy personality, it’s no surprise that Danielle is also a fitness guru! She can often be found doing high-intensity cardio and weightlifting, and she is always challenging herself both in and outside the gym.

When she’s not at the office assisting clients, Danielle loves to spend time with her husband and their four beautiful children. Though they enjoy being active outdoors, they’re not against snuggling up and watching a movie! Their Great Dane and Shih Tzu love to join in the fun, though they’re a bit of a mismatched pair!